Hear from Our Happy Clients

“Our dog Winnie is never happier than when she’s at Miss Linda’s. She is entertained, exercised, and socialized all day. Winnie’s favorite activity is fetching, and Linda patiently throws the ball endlessly for her to retrieve. She loves playing with all the other dogs, and has made friends she’s excited to be with. Linda has a big, open fenced in yard where the dogs can safely run and play. Winnie’s reluctant to leave when we pick her up, running back a few times before she even agrees to get in the car. And when we get home, she’s so tired she sleeps soundly until morning. We’re so happy to have a place that Winnie loves, and one we know she’ll be safe and cared for.”
— Ann Marie
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“My pup Rudy absolutely loves going on “vacation” to Linda’s house.  He can always count on having a great time walking outside and enjoying the other dogs around him.  He is cared for like one of the family and doesn’t want to leave when we come to get him.  It’s a great get-away for your pet.  You can relax knowing that your pet is being cared for and loved.”
— Bonnie
“My husband and I can relax when we are away because we know that our dog Pippa is happy and well-taken care of when we leave her with Linda. Linda has a deep understanding of dog’s needs and behaviors and takes the responsibility of caring for someone else’s dog very seriously.

Linda keeps our active dog entertained by being willing to throw a ball for her again and again. We know that because Linda frequently sends us messages and pictures of Pippa having fun!”
— Peggy and Joel
“Our dogs Tiki and Oreo have had a blast during every overnight visit they have had with Linda!  Tiki and Sunny (Linda’s dog) were puppies around the same time and have been buddies ever since.  Linda communicates really well, before, during and after visits and offers that super personal touch creating an outstanding and safe space for boarding and daily dog care.  I so appreciate, being able to “Go local” for my doggie care and the exceptional service she provides.”
— Sharon
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“In our family we fondly nicknamed Linda as the Dog Whisperer! We had previously boarded Macaroni (our timid and gentle rescue dog) at kennels and always had a pang of distress leaving him, convinced that he thought we were abandoning him. We were lucky enough to find Linda and have used her services for almost 3 years now. Linda has an ideal house and yard for the dogs, but more than that, she has provided home from home for Macaroni.  He can’t wait to greet Linda, play with the other dogs, and then retire to Linda’s son’s bedroom at night.  Linda provides a wonderful environment for the dogs. I never worry about leaving Macaroni with Linda, knowing he is safe, well cared for and having fun.”
— Donna
“Behr truly Loves her playdate/sleepovers at Linda’s place! She has the perfect doggy heaven.
She also texts me pics of my dog having fun! ❤️ Behr’s happy and I’m happy. Win-win Thanks”
— Kristine
Linda is Gracie’s second mom. Gracie doesn’t look back when we drop her off at “camp.” Linda and her crew are loving and competent carers and our large golden doodle loves romping in the huge yard, going on walks, playing with the other dogs (particularly the tiny ones who love big Gracie). Or just resting on the porch and watching the leaves rustle, or people biking on the community path in the distance. Linda has had to administer medicines for Gracie’s cancer treatments and provide medical attention at times and has always done this with great cool and compassion. I am always thrilled when Gracie is willing to come to me when I return—I’m sure she’d be happy with Linda and her helpers indefinitely! The only reason I am helping publicize Linda’s business whole-heartedly is that she has promised to always find room for Gracie if we need her. She is wonderful.
— Barbara
“I no longer hesitate when going away for the weekend or on a trip knowing I can depend on Linda to take care of our dogs.  We have 2 dogs, an older bichon poodle and a puppy maltipoo.  Linda takes care of our dogs like they are her own.  I never worry that they will be neglected or put in a position where they could have trouble.  She is like the mother dog.  She is extremely attentive and gives the dogs plenty of time to play in her fenced in yard.   She watches over the younger dogs and the older dogs alike.  When they come home they are tired and they too feel like they have been on vacation.  I am so thankful I can depend of Linda and the loving care she gives our dogs in her home.”
— Carol
“it’s hard to say who has a better time when we go on vacation…us or Georgia. Linda and her team do a great job providing a comfortable home environment for our dog.. she treats her like one of her own”
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“Linda is truly the best! I usually leave my dog Stella with family members when I go away and have never used a dog boarding service before. Let me tell you, it was like a vacation for my dog! Linda is a true lover of all pets, setting herself apart from the competition by welcoming our furry friends into her OWN home! It was such a relief not to have to drop Stella off at a kennel, knowing she would feel right at home on Linda’s couch! Linda’s spacious, fenced in back yard is the perfect place for dogs to play, and as Linda accepts more than one dog at a time, and always has her own dog Sunny around, your dog will never be lonely! Stella was definitely sad to say goodbye to her new canine friends and cannot wait to go back for another stay at Carlisle Canines!
Linda sent me updates all weekend, photos and videos of Stella playing fetch with her and running with the other dogs in the yard. I always felt that Stella was getting the love and attention she needed. It was such a comfort to know she was taking such good care of my best friend. :)”
— Krista