Meet the Founder


Linda Rubenstein

My name is Linda and I have always had a love of dogs and the psychology of dogs.  For the past fifteen years I have been watching dogs in my home. My goal has always been to make the dogs feel like this is their second home. They sit with me in my living room, watch me in the kitchen and enjoy my acre fenced in backyard. I love watching the dogs get more comfortable in my home and my greatest joy is when they come flying into my home with wagging tails on their next visit. When it is time to go home many times they run back into my home, I find this to be the greatest compliment from your fur babies.

I treat each dog like they are my own and they get love, support and plenty of exercise when staying with me and my family. My fur baby Sunny is the activities director and encourages all dogs that chasing a ball is the greatest activity. Your dog will interact with other dog friendly dogs and the older dogs teach the puppies the ropes. It is such a rewarding experience watching your fur baby grow, make new friends and learn new skills from our backyard play. While you are on vacation or busy with work you can rest easy knowing your fur baby will be in good hands with a loving family who cares about making your dog feel comfortable and safe with plenty of stimulation and activity.


Meet the Others That Work at Carlisle Canines



Don also lives on the premise. He is a true dog lover. There a few doggies who always sleep in Don’s room. When not playing ball and keeping the dogs company, you can find Don at dog shows or watching the animal channel!



Linda’s Mom, who is grandma to all dogs and is frequently around to help with any doggie related needs. Like any grandma she spoils them!



Linda’s son Zach, lives in the home and loves dogs! The more to play with the better! There are a few doggies who insist on sleeping in Zach’s room! He is a Chef but when he is not working he is home playing ball and walking the doggies or playing with them in the pool.


A CNA, lives in the home and loves all animals. She spends a lot of time playing with the dogs, cuddling them and going for walks in the woods. She is great at administrating all medicine for your dog or cat health needs.