Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the questions we get asked the most often. If you don’t see your question listed here don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What vaccinations does my pet need?

Every pet we accept needs to be up to date and show proof of the following vaccinations: bordetella, rabies, distemper, canine influenza, and an up to date fecal.

Where will my dog be staying?

If your dog sleeps in crate, we ask that you bring the crate. Otherwise there are plenty of comfy dog beds, sofas and chairs. If your dog likes to sleep alone, there are separate rooms for your fur baby to have as much privacy as they want.

What if my dog needs medications?

We are experienced and comfortable giving any and all medications that your dog needs.

how many dogs will you have at one time in your home?

We keep the group manageable so all dogs get the love and attention they need. We take no more than 10 dogs at one time.

Do I need to bring anything with my dog?

You will need to bring your dog’s food, medicine, pill pockets if your pet needs them, treats, toys, and dog bed or crate. Things taken from your home with all your smells are more comforting for your fur baby.

What if I have multiple dogs? Can they all stay with you?

We are more than happy to accommodate all your dogs! When you come for the meet and greet we can discuss the discounted rate for your second or third dog.

are there any breeds you don’t accept?

We have a policy that all dogs come for a meet and greet before they are accepted for daycare or boarding so we can evaluate whether or not they are a good fit. We do not refuse based on breed but only dog friendly, non aggressive, non barking dogs can be accepted.

are there different rates for puppies, senior dogs, or dogs with special needs?

Each dog is evaluated at the initial meet and greet. After the first overnight visit your dog is re-evaluated if any issues arise. If there is a change to the rate it will be discussed with the owner after the first night at Carlisle Canines.